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Every expectant family desires the most ideal experience possible. From pregnancy to childbirth to those precious first few months - I know you want the very best for your baby and your family. This will be one of the most unpredictable things you will ever experience. Too often mothers and fathers get stressed and frustrated as new challenges arise and get lost in self blame as the perfect vision slips away. I can help.

Adding a doula to your support team to walk alongside you throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the first several months of your baby’s life guarantees that you will have unbiased, professional and compassionate support for whatever surprises arise.

In a time of life with very few guarantees - count on your doula - count on Great Lakes Doulas.

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The Great Lakes Doulas team is trained and certified by DONA International, the worlds first and largest doula certifying organization.
DID YOU KNOW that the word “postpartum” does not mean depression? Postpartum is the period of time after giving birth. All people who give birth will go through the postpartum period.