Common Questions

Cassie is a certified educator of infant massage
through Infant Massage USA.
Bond with your baby through loving and therapeutic touch!
Apart from being soothing and relaxing for your baby, infant massage has many benefits for them.

  • Increased parent and infant bonding
  • More confidence in understanding baby’s cues
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced symptoms of postpartum depression


Benefits For Babies: 
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Improved weight gain
  • Enhanced motor development
  • Relief from pain & discomfort such as teething
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced gas and colic

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“We’ve been doing infant massage
every night before bed. Lucia loves it!
As soon as I run the oil in my hands she starts smiling and kicking her legs.”
​​Why does the class last 4 weeks?

The 4 week series gives you an opportunity to gain an understanding of why infant massage is important, become confident sharing this practice with your baby and have the chance to work on making this a regular part of your routine. All while being supported by your instructor and peers in your class! 4 weeks allows for plenty of time to introduce massage to your baby gently and slowly. Working with real babies in a class requires us to build in time for interruptions. We follow the babies’ cues and never force the massage if they are hungry or upset and need a break.

What will we do in the class?

During classes you will master the Infant Massage USA’s stroke routine, learn several ways in which infants communicate, practice relaxation skills and make connections with other parents and caregivers.

Do I bring my baby with me?

Yes! If your baby has already been born, the class will be a wonderful activity for you to do together. We welcome newborn to pre-crawlers in the group class. Private or semi private class options are available for older, more active babies.

What if my baby cries during class?

Your baby probably will cry during class and that’s OK! He also may need to eat or have a diaper change - which is also OK. This class is designed with babies in mind, your instructor is prepared for babies to act like babies during class.

Can I take the class while I’m still waiting for my baby to arrive?

Yes! We have several dolls available for you to practice on.

Can my husband come with me?

Yes! We have space for two adults with each (singleton) baby. Please feel free to bring along someone who also cares for your baby such as your parenting partner, a grandparent or nanny!

Can I bring my twins?

Yes! Just make a note of the number of babies that will be attending when you sign up. We have space for one adult with each baby in a twin set with no additional charge. An additional charge for tripletes or higher level multiplies may apply, please inquire.

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Thursday, May 2nd

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